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CTFO is a Well
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CBD products are projected
to reach $1billion within the
next 2 years! CTFO Hemp Oil
(Cannabidiol - CBD) is a Non-
Psychoactive Component of
Cannabis that has a wide
range of therapeutic benefits,
without the THC "high" associ-
ated with other Cannabis uses.

CBD is naturally occuring in the
Hemp Plant (Cannabis). CTFO
Hemp CBD Oil
is produced from
Hemp plant leaves, stems &
seeds, but is not processed at
high temperatures (No THC). It
can be sold online in all 50 States
without a prescription. We are NOT
selling Marijuana,
which is produ-
ced primarily from the Hemp leaves
& is processed at high tempera-
to create THC, which pro-
duces a "high." It can only be sold
in licensed dispensaries. CTFO
launched 24 CBD Hemp Oil
Non-THC products
in early

The Hemp plant, according
to U.S. Government Patent
#6.630.507 supports the nu-
tritional health of everyone
from young adults to aging
bodies. CTFO
products are
available in oral sprays, liquid
drops, creams & capsules
at the most affordable prices.

Please Watch Video Below for Detailed
Info on How CBD Works to Keep Your Body
in Homeostasis (Healthy Balance).
CBD is an indispensable catalyst
for optimal health!

Please Watch Video Below to
Get More Detailed Info on Hemp
Healthy CBD Oil in News Report!

CTFO has introduced 24 CBD products:

Pure Hemp CBD Oil Herbal Drops
Our herbal drops contain 50 servings of high potency
Hemp CBD Oil per bottle. CBD has been known to re-
duce nausea, supress muscle spasms, as well as reduce
seizures & convultions & inhibit cell growth in tumors &
cancer cells. Helps promote relaxation, relieve anxiety,
reduce nicotine cravings & aid digestion.
1. Pure CBD Oil (300 mg) support
for general health in a dropper. -- $49.97
2. Pure CBD Oil
(500 mg) support
for real health issues. -- $59.97
3. Pure CBD Oil
(750 mg) support
for severe health issues. -- $69.97
4. Pure CBD Oil
(1500 mg) support
for serious health issues. m-- $99.97

All CTFO products are intended as support only &
not to diagnose, treat or cure any specific aliments.

CBD Creams for Pain,
Anti-Aging Benefits & More!
1. CBD Ultimate Pain Cream
(CBD + emu oil) for Joint Pain
& inflamation. One oz size with
60 mg of CBD oil - $34.97 & a two oz size
with 150 mg of CBD oil - $49.97
2. CBD Pain Free-ze Rub -- $36.97 (CBD +
menthol) for muscle pain.
3. Vitamin-C+CBD Anti-Aging Serum -- $35.97
4. CBD Neck & Decollete
Cream -- $39.97
5. CBD Anti-Aging
Cream with apple
stem cells -- $39.97
6. CBD Anti-Aging
Under Eye Cream -- $34.97
7. Collagen & Retinol CBD
Cream -- $36.97
8. AM-PM CBD Anti-Aging
Cream -- $36.97
9. CBD Overnight Skin
Cream -- $34.97
10. CBD Daily Facial
Cleanser Cream -- $25.97

CBD Capsules

CBD Veggie Capsules are
made with 99% pure CBD
extract oil
for optimum results.
Each capsule contains 10 mg
of organically grown, CO2 ex-
tract hemp. This is for those who
would rather have a capsule than
a dropper. They are equivalent
to our 300 mg CBD oil drops.

5 CBD Oral Sprays

Oral absorption
is up to 90%
tive, allowing your
body to utilize in-
gredients fast. Nu-
go directly
into bloodstream &
cells within seconds.
Scientifically tested
to be safe/effective.
1. Pain Relief CBD Oral Spray -- $24.97
Infused with CBD oil. Great for pain caused
by tension & other ailments.
Helps suppress nausea & muscle spasms.
Aids in relieving cold sores, cheek bites &
pain from dentures or braces.
Works as an astringent to help protect sores
from irritation.
On the go pain relief. Easy to carry & travel
with. Fast acting for immediate relief.
2. Weight Loss Daily CBD Oral Spray -- $24.97
Thermogenic breakthrough helps control appetite
& increase metabolism, while retaining muscle.
Contains 60 mg of finest CBD oil to help protect
your body with natural healing properties.
Contains natural substance called Hydroxycitric
Acid (HCA). This is active ingredient in Garcinia
Cambogia Extract that helps you lose weight.
3. Energy & Focus CBD Oral Spray -- $24.97
Helps focus throughout the day without crashing.
Healthier alternative to coffee or energy drinks.
Contains a blend of CBD Oil, Vitamins B-12,
A & D to promote optimum energy.
Increases energy without annoying jitters.
4. Sleep Support CBD Oral Spraym-- $24.97
Melatonin, a natural occurring hormone in
the brain, is released to promote sleep at night.
Unfortunately, as we age, environmental factors
reduce the Melatonin our bodies produce,
resulting in difficulty sleeping.
Combines a special blend of CBD, Melatonin &
nutrients to help promote long & restful sleep.
Promotes good sleep habits & helps fight in-
somnia, with no groggy feeling the next day.
5. Anti-Stress & Relaxation Oral Spray -- $24.97
Infused with a blend of CBD & organic ingredients
to help stimulate relaxation in the body & brain,
while helping to dissipate stress.
Creates a sense of calm focus & adapts to stress.
Protects against negative effects on your metabolic,
immune, cardiovascular & neurobiological functions.
Helps people struggling with chronic stress & anxiety.

2 Pet Wellness Products
1. CBD Chew Treats -- $39.97
Convenient, delicious & playful way to make CBD
part of your pet's daily diet.
Does not damage liver, kidney or GI track like some
other over-the-counter medications.
Helps with seizures, nausea, stress & anxiety.
Can be used with other medications with no
negative effects.
2. CBD Pet Sprays -- $24.97
Easy-to-administer spray promotes daily heallth
& wellness for your Pet.
Manages mood, inflammation, arthritis & joint pain
for healthy, happy pets.
Helps with loss of appetite, nausea, irritable bowel
syndrome & gastrointestinal swelling.
Spray into pet's mouth or on food.

8 Reasons Why CTFO CBD Products
Have the Highest Quality & Lowest Prices

are made from NON-GMO,
Pesticide-FREE, CO2 Extracted Hemp Oil,
using ONLY organic ingredients.
2. CTFO CBDs are manufactured in
the USA in a registered GMP (Good
Manufacturing Practices) facility, which
refers to a system of manufacturing that
guarantees reproducibilty to set standards.
3. CTFO CBDs are manufactured in
cruelty-free facility, which means no testing
on animals; that is a big issue in skin care.
4. CTFO CBDs use only the best, highest
quality, purest organic Hemp & does not
use any high heat processing that
reduces potency or efficacy & creates THC.
is a combination of both
CBD Isolate (Extract) along with the Full
Spectrum Whole Plant Hemp Oil. This
gives CTFO CBD a much higher potency
of CBD Oil, while maintaining over 120
other CBDs, all of which have additional,
potentially healing benefits.
6. There are more than 400 phytonutrients
that exist in Hemp plants. CTFO CBD
extraction technology allows CTFO to extract
ALL of these nutrients, without using any heat
or harmful solvents. The result is a whole food
with exceptional nutritional qualities & much
more efficient health care products.
7. CTFO CBD products provide the highest
quality, purest CBD, plus over 400 other
nutrients, in a naturally synergistic,
easy-to-use, easy-to-absorb form.
8. CTFO CBD proprietary CO2 extration process
keeps costs down, enabling lower prices.

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