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logo When
CBD Products
in January.

CBD products are projected
to reach $1billion within the
next 5 years! Hemp Oil
(Cannabinol - CBD) is a Non-
Psychoactive Component of
Cannabis that has a wide
range of therapeutic benefits,
without the THC "high" associ-
ated with other Cannabis uses.

CBD is naturally occuring in the Hemp
Plant (Cannibis).
Forbes Magazine
predicts the CBD market (Hemp Oil)
will grow by 700% by 2020, which is a
once in a lifetime market increase.
Won't see this in other products!

The Hemp plant, according to U.S.
Government Patent #6.630.507 sup-
ports the nutritional health of aging
bodies. CTFO
will have individual
products that address the issues of:
more energy better sleep reduc-
ing pain skin care reduce anxiety/
depression achieve relaxation stop
headaches pet nutrition & much more.
These products will be available in oral
sprays, liquid drops, capsules & tablets
at the lowest prices available anywhere.
products are all made
in the USA with GMP standards. The
Hemp used is organically grown (no
pesticides) & the products are com-
pletely THC free (non-psychoactive).

Watch Video Below for Detailed Info on
How CBD Works to Keep Your Body in
Homeostasis (Healthy Balance).

Below Video is a Fox News Report
on Hemp Oil & CBD. Good Info!

CTFO will be introducing 24 CBD products
in early January. Between now & then, they
will be identifying a few of those products
during weekly conference calls. Here are
15 of those products announced the week of
11/27/2017 & 12/5/2017; final 9
announcements coming 12/12/2017

1. Pure CBD oil
(300 mg) for general health;
in a dropper, taken orally.
2. Pure CBD oil (500 mg) for significant
health issues. In a dropper, taken orally.
3. Pure CBD oil (750 mg) for more severe
health issues. In a dropper, taken orally.
4. Pure CBD oil (1500 mg) for serious
health issues. In a dropper, taken orally.
5. CBD Ultimate Pain Cream (CBD + emu
oil) for Joint pain & inflammation.
6. CBD Pain Free-ze Rub (CBD + menthol)
for MUSCLE pain.
7. Vitamin C-CBD Anti-Aging Serum.
8. CBD Neck & Decora Anti-Aging Cream.
9. Anti-Aging Cream with apple stem cells.
10. Anti-Aging Cream Under Eye Cream.
11. Collagen & Retinol CBD Anti-Aging
12. AM-PM Anti-Aging Moisturizer Cream.
13. CBD Insta-Lift wrinkle remover.
14. CBD Overnight Skin Rejuvenation
15. CBD Daily Facial Cleanser.

If you want to listen to these calls
each week, to learn more about the
CBD products, the calls are each
Tuesday at 6 pm pst & 9 pm est.
Call: 1-319-527-9699.
No Pin # Needed.

There is also a webinar every Thursday
at 6 pm pst & 9 pm est. Just go to:

8 Reasons Why CTFO CBD Products
Will be the BEST in the Market:

are made from NON-GMO,
Pesticide-FREE, CO2 Extracted Hemp Oil,
using ONLY organic ingredients.
2. CTFO CBDs are manufactured in
the USA in a registered GMP (Good
Manufacturing Practices) facility, which
refers to a system of manufacturing that
guarantees reproducibilty to set standard.
3. CTFO CBDs are manufactured in
cruelty-free facility, which means no testing
on animals; that is a big issue in skin care.
4. CTFO CBDs use only the best, highest
quality, purest organic Hemp & does not
use any high heat processing that
reduces potency or efficacy.
5. CTFO CBD Oil is a combination of both
CBD Isolate (Extract) along with the Full
Spectrum Whole Plant Hemp Oil. This
gives CTFO CBD a much higher potency
of CBD Oil, while maintaining over 120
other CBDs, all of which have additional
healing benefits.
6. There are more than 400 phytonutrients
that exist in Hemp plants. CTFO CBD
extraction technology allows CTFO to extract
all of these nutrients, without using any heat
or harmful solvents. The result is a whole food
with exceptional nutritional qualities & much
more efficient skin care products.
7. CTFO CBD products provide the highest
quality, purest CBD, plus over 400 other
nutrients, in a naturally synergistic,
easy-to-use, easy-to-absorb form.
8. CTFO CBD products are simply the best
CBD products on the market!

CBD products cover so
many health issues, they
could easily dominate
the wellness industry for
years to come! You can
easily build a successful
business out of any one
of these CBD products!

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The income projections in the videos above are only an example of how the CTFO Comp Plan pays & the potential income you can earn. It is NOT a guarantee of any specific income. No one can guarantee anyone any amount of income. All income is a result of individual effort!